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971Properties Rental

971Properties is an administrative real estate broker, an Emirati multinational property management company located in the United Arab Emirates.

971Properties pioneers a cutting-edge approach to real estate property rental, leveraging the power of blockchain payment technologies through real estate property rentals. Our platform provides a secure and reliable avenue for individuals globally to generate passive income by renting our available properties from anywhere, eliminating the hassle of paperwork and hefty down payments. These returns stem from real live rental income and are seamlessly distributed to your property's wallet. We offer a trusted and expertly crafted solution for modern investors seeking financial freedom.

Properties cannot be lost or stolen, nor can they be carried away. Renting with common sense paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, is about the safest rental in the world.

Why Rental Properties

Diversifying your investment portfolio through real estate rental properties presents an optimal strategy for balancing risk and reward. Historically, real estate has demonstrated above-average returns, offering stability amidst market uncertainties and inflation. Additionally, integrating blockchain innovation into real estate payment systems streamlines transactions, improving accessibility and efficiency for investors.



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Short & Long-Term Rental Options

971Properties specializes in small to medium-sized projects with shorter timeframes and limited risk. We focus on value-add and ground-up construction projects where we can quickly raise the property value and can increase the profitability of our income under any market conditions. With our low minimum rental amounts and flexible timeframes, you can spread your rents over multiple projects to create a diverse real estate portfolio.

Now your money actually works for you. Rent real estate properties today at discounted prices and earn when they are rented/sold out at the actual rate anyone can get from any official real estate broker.

971Properties True Partners

Available Rental Properties

5-Star EMAAR Properties

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3-Star DAMAC Properties

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2-Star Binghatti Properties

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How It Works

Guide To Renting Available 971 Properties.

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Key Reasons to Invest with 971 Properties

Historical High Returns

Daily rental returns range from 2% - 10%. This is largely because of 971Properties’s proprietary software, automation, and proven business model we have developed over the years. Our property rental plans are meticulously crafted and strategically diversified. This traffic efficiency leads to higher-than-normal returns.

Deal-by-Deal Control
Flexible Terms
Comparatively Low Minimum Investment
Experienced Professionals
Company Registration
Easy-to-use Online Platfrom
100% Profitable Track Record
24/7 Customer Support

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  • Customer Review

    Outstanding Online Real Estate Service.
    Working with this platform and the team for the past one year has been an outstanding experience. Their dedication to clients and experience in the Dubai online real estate investment market can not be compared to any

    "Elshinawy Mohammad"

  • Customer Review

    The website is user-friendly and I find the insight page every educating. So far everything works fine both the funding and cashout. I'm saying because I have tested both and it came out seamlessly.
    No too much documentation, I was only required to verify KYC one time.

    "Casey Cumming"

  • Customer Review

    My wife and I are so thankful for the financial support we got from this platform and to the customer care team for their professionalism, keep doing the good work. I can not say enough positive comments on my knowledge as I have a continuous rental on the 5-star plan.

    "Hvidkilde Vincent"

  • Customer Review

    Good to know I can now invest in our Dubai properties with just a few Draham. Projecting crypto payment makes it even much more easier than expected. So far I have had a wonderful experience without any account bugs.

    "Nasef Osama Abudullah "

  • Customer Review

    Choosing the right property to investment in Dubai is the best part of 971prop. They make earning money from real estate look so easy even for first timers. I was looking for where to invest my family heritage but I'm most amazed that I got introduced to this platform

    "Scott Bickell"

  • Customer Review

    They made property investment so possible and rewarding. I never thought I would have this kind of opportunity to leverage the vast real estate market, especially in my region. We have achieved countless successes investing in this platform and am happy to write this humble review.

    "تامباي ريحان "